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History of Japan After Hitler Invented Sex Dolls

by Edwin

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It is known that Hitler commissioned Danish scientific experts during World War II sex doll invented (or “Madame Voyage”) as a surrogate for sex by soldiers in the army during World War II.

Hitler's sex doll

It was later used to make a prototype sex doll, but it was destroyed in the bombing of Dresden, and Germany’s pioneering role in the history of sex dolls was reduced to ashes.

Japan is happy to take over the baton of this history.But in fact, earlier, the Japanese Imperial Army also invented a similar sex doll Technology provides sex for all soldiers in war.

Hitler's sex doll

Historically, in the early 19th century, Europe began to manufacture such products with clearly gendered and decorative features. For example, there was a law in the UK at the time that prohibited the import and sale of this “immoral” and “unmanned” product. s things.

According to the literature, these “puppets” were the Imperial Japanese Army’s means of maintaining internal stability and preventing the spread of venereal diseases, especially as Japan’s policy of aggression and expansion into Asia advocated the establishment of a pure empire to prevent interracial marriages. . At that time, sexually transmitted diseases of unclean behavior were a serious problem. For example, in the 1920s, more than 20,000 soldiers in Siberia suffered from “Gaul’s disease.”

japanese sex doll

Later, the Army Medical College began to develop sex dolls for servicemen. Interestingly, they developed three types, each representing a different rank. After all, officers didn’t want to have the same types of sex dolls as soldiers, like they were racially treated differently at the time, did they?

In Japan in the early 20th century, a “bronze doll” also appeared, which is a sex doll based on the image of ancient Chinese characters. At that time, the society belonged to the upper class to buy special toys. On the one hand, it uses its materials to set off social proof. On the other hand, to satisfy their fetish desires.

Hitler's sex doll

The development of these sex dolls in Japanese society is unprecedented and very common. Japanese brand sex dolls are the only products on the global sex doll market. Although doll production factories are mainly located in China, they are still slightly inferior to Japan in terms of cultural level. Japanese manufacturers give sex dolls more artistic concepts. Thanks to the blessing of otaku culture and two-dimensional culture, the concept of companionship and guardianship far exceeds the physical use of sex dolls themselves, and they are selling sex dolls in multiple directions.

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