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If You’re a Dominator, Sex Dolls Are Your Submissive in Bed

by Edwin

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Dominant and submissive—two great personalities for great sex! ! During sexual intercourse, one partner is dominant and the other is submissive. However, men who are dominant in bed and who don’t like to be submissive often have problems with sex. Every girl wants to give herself to her lover. But, sometimes, she likes to ride like a queen and be the dominant figure. So when this conflict arises (male dominance), it creates problems in sex life. So, if you are also a dominant person, you should consider finding a solution that will satisfy your sexuality while maintaining a good relationship with your lover.

The ideal solution is to use sex dolls. Your girl may not like the idea that you keep dominating her. So you have to buy a mating doll that won’t say “no” to your dominance. You can treat the doll as your submissive all day long. But the doll won’t feel bad and won’t stop you.

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One of the great things about buying a sex doll is that you can try out all the doll submission techniques or poses like –

1. Ball tie

In this bondage position, you tie the doll into a ball shape with your legs close to your chest and your hands tied behind your back. You can use rope or different types of things to tie the doll. Since the doll is very flexible, it is easy to twist in any way.

2. Bondage

In this restraint, you can secure the doll’s ankles and wrists behind the back using ropes or cuffs. When using this sex position and sex doll, make sure not to put too much pressure on the doll’s belly area.

3. Breast bondage

This is a popular bondage technique with which you can tie a rope around a doll’s breasts in a very decorative and visually sophisticated way. With this, you will see the doll’s breasts and your desire to have sex with the doll will multiply.

Likewise, you can try other techniques to maximize your sexual fantasies. This way, you’ll be at peace with your real life partner and be able to dominate the doll in bed.

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