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Portugal ranks world’s sexiest country according to search index

by Edwin

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In terms of frequency of search engine searches for “sex” related keywords (sex toys, sex dolls, lingerie, dating apps, skills, SM, intimate sex positions), Portugal ranks first globally and the UK second . The Brits are known for being conservative, unexpected, unexpected…they let themselves fly in the bedroom.

portuguese sexy doll
According to statistics, the most “sexiest” country in the world in the past 12 months is Portugal. SM is their biggest hobby, like sex positions, sex toys, sex dolls, penis…

The top three most searched sex toys in Portugal are: sex dolls, Fleshlight (male sex toys) and steel plugs.

sm-sex toys
Light luxury SM taste has gradually become a trendy way to play

The second place turned out to be British (unexpectedly, unexpectedly…). Their most searched for intimate poses, top 3: reverse cowgirl style, paparazzi style, missionary (if you don’t know how to drop kids shoes, search for yourself). The most popular lingerie rankings are: sexy stockings, corsets, thongs. The most searched sex toys are: realistic sex doll toys.

TinderAPP is the most popular dating app in many regions.

TinderAPP - Sexy Dating
Tinder app

Ireland came in third with the most searches for corsets.

Corset Sexy Search
The corset originated in the traditional European court and is a classic luxury erotic lingerie

Australia came in fourth with the most searches for intimate dog-like sex positions.

Sweden ranked fifth, with realistic sex toys the most sought after.

Top 10 ‘sexiest’ countries in the world

1. Portugal
2. United Kingdom
3. Ireland
4. Australia
5. Sweden
6. Netherlands
7. Germany
8. United States
9. New Zealand
10. Denmark

Another interesting list is the “dimension” statistical ranking based on single-type words

The country with the most searches for “dating apps” is Ireland, while the Netherlands is the country with the most searches for “lingerie.”

The most searched country for “lingerie” is the Netherlands.

sexy girl usa

Poles are the most popular researcher for “intimate sex positions”, while Denmark is the country with the most searches for “sex skills”.

Ranking for search keyword data is very interesting, and search habits can help you understand interesting and private behaviors in your life.

Top 5 countries for search terms related to “sex”

Search Sex Toys TOP5

1. United Kingdom
2. Germany
3. Ireland
4. Netherlands
5. Australia

Find Intimate Sex Positions TOP5

1. Poland
2. Ireland
3. United Kingdom
4. United States
5. Australia

Search SM Alternative Fun TOP5

1. Portugal
2. Korea
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands
5. Norway

Search Sexy Lingerie TOP5

1. Netherlands
2. United Kingdom
3. Sweden
4. Norway
5. Germany

Search Sex Tips TOP5

1. Denmark
2. Saint Lucia
3. Barbados
4. Ireland
5. Malta

Search Dating Apps TOP5

1. Ireland
2. United Kingdom
3. Barbados
4. New Zealand
5. United States

source: “Global Sexy Search Index” keyword search volume data from multiple search engines in the past twelve months.

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