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Should sex dolls like child faces be on the market?

by Edwin

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Posted on March 18, 2022

Should sex dolls like child faces be on the market?

life-size child sex doll

the main purpose of sex doll Is for adults to have sex, sex dolls are also known as love dolls. Therefore, sex dolls can be used not only for sex, but also as a substitute for a partner in life. With the development of society, more and more middle-aged and elderly people are in an independent state for a long time without any communication with the outside world, which is not good for them. With the advent of love dolls, there is new hope in their lives as they can buy a lifelike sex doll as a life partner.

For childless couples, they long for a child to fulfill their parents’ wishes. So, there are cases where they buy baby-sized love dolls online. These dolls are usually around 100cm in size and have a child’s face. From our point of view, this is completely understandable, because we can understand the feelings of parents. However, from the outside, it may be that they bought this miniature sex doll not for life, but for sex, which means that people may feel that it has a tendency to abuse children and is not conducive to social stability. Teenagers have serious effects. Therefore, many countries have banned the sale of such children’s dolls.

In addition, there is a situation, for children with depression, this may be their hope of regaining the joy of life. This is the case in our shop. A client explained his situation during our meeting with us. His child is autistic. He rarely communicates with anyone except his parents. By chance, his child saw this petite human doll on the Internet. A different smile appeared on his face, so he decided to buy a real love doll online to accompany his child’s growth. Over time, his child gradually recovered, not as autistic as before, at least he still has a mini love doll.

As for whether child sex dolls should be sold, many countries have relevant legal protections, but if we are used for companionship rather than sex, then it should be allowed. But still do not understand. Therefore, almost all of our stores sell real life dolls in larger sizes to meet special customer requirements.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) â€?Tennessee is expected to become the latest state to ban the possession, sale or distribution of sex dolls for children. The legislation to ban child sex dolls won unanimous support from members of the House of Representatives this week. After passing the Senate earlier this month, the bill is now available on Gov. Bill Lee’s desk. The bill prohibits “obscene sexual stimulation or sexual gratification, anatomically correct sex dolls, mannequins or robots”. Other states, including Kentucky and Florida, are pushing similar bills. The issue came to the attention of the family after accusing the boy of ordering a child-like sex doll in Kentucky, saying no real children were involved.

We should treat sex dolls with reason, not shy eyes. It is believed that as the sex doll industry develops, sex dolls will serve more important purposes than just sex.

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